TaskQueue: Distributed Task Processing

A zero-config and robust task processing system that runs on-permise with scheduling, error handling, high availability and automatic load balancing

Workflow Automation

You can chain multiple tasks together to create a custom workflow. This allows you to have full automation for running your workflows.


You can define an error strategy for each task. The whole state is always backed up on persistent storage so you won't lose any data even in the case of a system failure. Reliability and fault tolerance are built-in.

Language Independent

Even though the underlying framework is language independent, we provide libraries to easily integrate your code into TaskQueue, regardless of your programming language.


Real-time dashboards and KPIs show you what is happening right now. You can also set up alerts to be notified when certain events happen in the system.

How it works?

  • Set up a TaskQueue server and worker hosts. Server will be responsible for keeping track of tasks and their status. Worker machines are responsible for "executing" those tasks and report back to the server.

  • Create a sample task

  • Package your task (e.g. JAR file)

  • Upload jar file to the server via Web Console.

  • You can then invoke the task from your app.

A sample task, written in Java language:

Sample code to start running the task:

High-level overview

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